Aewon Solutions Corporation provides a wide range of product and service solutions designed for small businesses and enterprises across a variety of industries. Please feel free to contact us at for a free consultation.
Aewon B2B Shop: Internet Shopping Mall
  • Over 1.9 million products including office supplies, IT products and corporate software licenses are provided with very competitive prices.
  • Accounts of Japanese local corporates, organizations and public institutions are being served.
Contents Creation Solutions
  • Web page creation/renovation
  • Business database creation and management
  • SEO strategy and planning via contents marketing
  • Cloud-based quality video production service
  • Production and delivery of Fortune-telling contents
Marketing / Sales Assistant Solutions
  • Contents creation solutions
  • Cloud service to organize and manage customers and lead nurturing to assist marketing activities
  • Customer support chat service on company web page
  • Simple, secure and traceable document sharing service
Security Solutions
  • Advanced security solution based on biometric (finger vein) authentication technology
  • Simple, secure and traceable document sharing service
EC (Electronic Commerce) Solutions
  • Contents creation and marketing / sales assistant solutions
  • EC site development & management
  • EC payment schemes
  • CDN: Content Delivery Network
Professional Services
  • English, Japanese and Korean translation of business documents, contents and company web pages
  • Online teaching of Japanese language and culture to non-Japanese people residing in Japan and overseas
B2B Software Licenses
  • IP core licensing for high performance parallel processing on FPGA